Private Coaching

Yatzín is available for private coaching sessions. No matter if you want to take your first steps in acrobatics or if you are already an experienced performing artist who needs creative input or would like to expand their movement repertoire - a private coaching with Yatzín can help you to reach the next level.


The content of the sessions will be adapted completely to your personal needs, please don't hesitate to send an inquiry.

Acrobatics & Contortion

Yatzin Kosom Contorsion Teacher Flexibility Cologne

A one-on-one coaching is the most efficient way to make fast progress in any of Yatzíns focus areas - pole dance, silks, lyra, trapeze, contortion / flexibility. You will have Yatzíns full attention and are able to determine the content and focus of the coaching.


Benefit from Yatzíns wide experience in circus arts and techniques to receive a tailor-made coaching that will help you to enter into the wonderful world of acrobatics or to finally reach that advanced move you have been dreaming of incorporating into your next performance.


Location: The sessions can be held in cooperation studios in Bremen.

Alternatively, this can also be arranged in combination with workshops at your local studio.

Performance Preparation

Yatzin Kosom Pole Acrobatics performance

Yatzín has been active as a performing artist for over a decade. She has a lot of experience in the area of artistic performances as well as acrobatics competitions. 


She has experience as a dancer, circus performer and has participated   successfully in national and international high level Pole Dance & Pole Sports competitions, proving herself as a top-skilled athlete & artist.


It is possible to use the private coaching sessions for the preparation of a specific artistic show or competition. You will receive creative input and constructive criticism on your routine as well as mental preparation to make sure you deliver your best possible performance.


Location: After agreeing on travel arrangements, coaching sessions can be held at your home or studio if you have the necessary prerequisites. Alternatively, the sessions can be held in cooperation studios in Bremen.

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