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As an acrobatics instructor, Yatzín is able to draw from her wide experience of different circus arts and techniques to inspire creativity and motivate students to give their whole energy into the process. She is experienced in working with kids and adults alike.


If you are a circus school or an acrobatics- or pole dance-studio in the Bremen area looking for a new teacher for your regular class schedule, please don't hesitate to get in touch to check availabilities.


Students who are interested to train with Yatzín on a regular basis can also use the contact form to inquire about current classes in the Bremen area. In addition, Yatzín can be booked for workshops or individual coaching worldwide.


Yatzin Kosom Pole Fitness Acrobatics Teacher Cologne

Pole acrobatics / Pole dance has its roots in the Chinese Circus which has used a rubber pole for acrobatics for hundreds of years.  Switching the rubber pole for a metal one creates more options for flowing and elegant moves while maintaining the use of strength and flexibility for gravity defying tricks. It is the combination of graceful dance and challenging acrobatics that makes this art form very appealing for many students.


A lot of body strength (especially upper body and core) is built by and needed for pole acrobatics. For a beautiful routine, this strength needs to be combined with graceful transitions, dance elements and other artistic skills. Each of these areas are trained in class.


Pole dance as an art-form is developing at an impressive speed with many international conventions and competitions each year. Many students try to keep up with the newest developments via YouTube and Instagram. While these are great sources for inspiration, it can also be very unsafe to train advanced tricks by oneself. Yatzín is able to break down even very advanced, complicated moves into their different components to make students understand the structure behind them. This ensures safe and efficient progress.


Each class contains a thorough warm up phase that helps to build strength, flexibility and stamina. This creates a solid basis for quickly and safely mastering more advanced tricks and enables the students to  reach the skill-level needed for a whole performance.


Studio requisites: Poles suitable for acrobatic performances. Crash mats are good for advanced moves but not necessary for beginner classes.


If you are a studio that wants to incorporate poles for the first time, please inform yourself about the differences in product quality on the market. Yatzín is also happy to provide advice.


Yatzin Kosom aerial silks tissue acrobatics teacher Cologne
Yatzin Kosom aerial hoop lyra acrobatics instructor Cologne

Aerial acrobatics on tissue/silks, aerial hoop/lyra, straps, rope, trapeze etc. combine flexibility, strength and balance in performances that seem effortless while they are actually physically very demanding. As for Pole training, each class contains a thorough warm-up that helps to build strength, flexibility and stamina to create a solid basis for more advanced acrobatic tricks and to enable the students to reach the skill-level needed for a whole performance.


Each apparatus has its own challenge that needs to be tackled with the right technique. As an experienced teacher, Yatzín assesses the prerequisites of each student and provides the necessary guidance to get the most out of the current skill level and to reach the next level in a safe and efficient way. 


The level of difficulty can be adjusted according to the level of the class, from very simple but beautiful beginner moves up to very advanced tricks and routines for public performances.


Studio requisites: sturdy fixing points for carabiners in the ceiling and at least one apparatus to train on. A crash mat is advisable for the safety of the students.


If you are a studio that wants to incorporate aerial acrobatics equipment for the first time, please inform yourself about the differences of products on the market. Yatzín is also happy to provide advice.

Flexibility & Contortion

Yatzin Kosom Contortion Flexibility Teacher Cologne

Contortion is the art to mesmerise the audience with unexpected twists and shapes of the human body. It is also a great addition to other forms of acrobatic and artistic performances to enhance the level of skill and aesthetics.


As a stretching and contortion coach, Yatzín employs a specific technique that is tailored towards the needs of an adult body. It combines proven and safe flexibility and contortion techniques from gymnastics and circus with elements from Yoga to help the body relax into the new positions instead of forcing it.


With a clear guidance and a positive approach even an adult body is still capable of becoming very flexible, even without prior childhood experience.


The classes cover front splits, side splits/straddles, backbends, bridges, basic equilibrist techniques (e.g. elbow stand, handstand) and more. Students will work individually as well as in partner excercises.


The class is suitable for students with very different levels of flexibility or acrobatic backgrounds as each student can do the exercises with a different intensity.


Studio requisites: Yoga mats and blocks. If available, elastic bands can be incorporated into the exercises.

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